Web cluster solutions

We can design architecture and build a completely redundant, high-performance, load-balanced and high-availability web cluster solutions consisting on several servers depending on customer requirements with the following features:

  • Unix-like operating system (we prefer FreeBSD)
  • web load balancing
  • database load balancing
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL cluster
  • HW or SW based shared storage

System administration

We provide experienced outsourcing of Unix-like operating systems (Linux, *BSD). We are able to provide you with hardware, housing solutions, installation and maintenance for your server. All systems are periodically updated and patched against any known security vulnerabilities. We can guarantee acceptable SLAs and provide telephone/email support.

E-mail solutions

We offer a robust e-mail cluster solution based on:

  • Unix-like operating system (we prefer FreeBSD)
  • Virtual users and domains stored in central database
  • Antivirus solutions
  • Effective antispam solutions
  • Redundancy (cluster is resistant to any server failure)
  • Secure IMAPS/POP3S
  • User-friendly webmail
  • HW or SW based shared storage